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The Gospel

"There is none righteous, not even one"

The Bible teaches us that mankind is sinful.  All are born in sin and are sinners.  All of mankind is depraved and under God's righteous judgment; there are none who are good, not one.

As such, mankind is in need of a Savior.  The Bible teaches us that Christ is that Savior and He is the only One that can save us because He is God in flesh, the Son of God.  He has died for our sin and taken the punishment we deserved, though He is without sin; He is the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God.  He is our penal substitutionary atonement.  He is the only way, truth and life--we must go to Him to get to God the Father.

This is only possible through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ.


This Sunday's Sermon Info

Matthew 7:24-29

When the Lord Jesus begins a sentence with “Therefore…” the listener had better be ready to make application with what the Master Teacher has just taught.  In this next piece of text, Jesus wraps up His Sermon on the Mount beginning with the word “Therefore”.  All that He had taught, all that He had shared, all the truth that had been proclaimed on that hillside to those who listened was now being concluded in this ending warning.  It is a warning about two foundations, one of rock and one of sand.  Boice summarizes it: “This is the point we have been dealing with in one way or another from the very first words of the sermon. When we studied the beatitudes, we saw how they were built on Scripture, the first two coming from Isaiah 61:1–2, the third from Psalm 37:11, the sixth from Psalm 24:3–4, and so on. The next section of the sermon dealt with the Bible directly, teaching that Jesus did not come to abolish the Bible’s teachings but to fulfill them. The next three sections explained the meaning of several Old Testament commands and practices and taught how Christians are to relate to the world and its concerns. The Golden Rule summed up “the Law and the Prophets.” Now, at the very end, Jesus teaches that the one who would be his disciple must build his or her entire life on the Bible. Building on Jesus’ words will save you both in life and in death.” (Boice, 116-117)  God’s Word is the rock upon which we as followers of Christ must stand, and we stand thusly in obedience to it.  This must have been a grand moment.  The Master Teacher, He who is the very logos of God, God’s Word in flesh (John 1:1, 14), teaching from the Word of God.  Jesus exposited perfectly His very words, never hesitating, never in doubt about the truth of what He was pronouncing.  May we, as those who claim to be His followers, listen to our Master’s teaching and act upon those words.  Spurgeon stated: “You and your sins must separate or you and your God will never come together. No one sin may you keep; they must all be given up, they must be brought out like Canaanite kings from the cave and be hanged up in the sun.”  Hang up those sins, friend, or die.

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