Worship times


Sunday school is at 10 AM.

Sunday worship is at 11 AM.

Wednesday Bible study is 6-8 PM.

We have a Sunday evening worship we call "Fourth Sunday Worship". It is every fourth Sunday at 5PM.



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The Gospel

"There is none righteous, not even one"

The Bible teaches us that mankind is sinful.  All are born in sin and are sinners.  All of mankind is depraved and under God's righteous judgment; there are none who are good, not one.

As such, mankind is in need of a Savior.  The Bible teaches us that Christ is that Savior and He is the only One that can save us because He is God in flesh, the Son of God.  He has died for our sin and taken the punishment we deserved, though He is without sin; He is the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God.  He is our penal substitutionary atonement.  He is the only way, truth and life--we must go to Him to get to God the Father.

This is only possible through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ.


This Sunday's Sermon Info

Romans 3:27-31

Once again using a diatribal style of writing, Paul makes conclusions from verses 21-26.  The Law cannot be used or kept in order to obtain righteousness.  God, by His sovereign grace, gives the gift of faith in Christ Jesus resulting in righteousness.  The death of Christ on the bloody cross of Calvary brought freedom to those enslaved by sin by satisfying God’s judging righteousness.  The Apostle Paul has made a solid case that removes any doubt about whether Jew or Gentile can be saved.  They both can be declared righteous, both justified in the same way: the gift of faith.  What a glorious truth this is!  The slave to sin is liberated by the free gift from God the Father through God the Son.  Those wretched sinners, Jew or Gentile, are now declared righteous by eternally holy God through the sacrifice of His Son in their place as a ransom.  It was not accomplished by the work of the human, so that boasting is excluded.  The Law of God is established through the gift of faith in Christ.  This freedom in Christ by grace through faith is available to both Jew and Gentile who are called by God in Christ as God’s elect.  God is one and this “oneness of God demands that Jews and Gentiles are justified in the same way: by faith” .  There is no room for boasting, there is no room for accusations, there is no room for condemnation; both Jew and Gentile are guilty of breaking God’s Law and can only meet the requirements of the Law through faith in Christ.  This faith is not theirs; it is a gift by God through grace, wholly monergistic.

This Sunday's Sermon Outline

Point I: Faith Excludes Boasting (27-28)
Point II: Faith Provides Justification (29-30)
Point III: Faith Establishes the Law (31)